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We are an independent dealer specializing in the sale of Truform brand support stockings, compression garments, and circulation socks for managing post-surgical recovery, arthritis, varicose veins and swelling & aching.

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Compression Support Hosiery is a great solution to a number of health problems: varicose veins, arthritis, poor circulation, and swelling. It’s important to choose the right compression clothing for your body. In order to choose the right clothing, you should be aware of all the options out there.

Truform Compression Socks and Stockings:
Compression stockings and socks by Truform, also known as circulation socks, support stockings, surgical socks or surgical stockings, are our most popular products because they aid with a wide range of ailments. Most common are the aches and pains caused by poor circulation in the legs and feet. A compression stocking, circulation sock, or surgical sock treats leg discomfort by applying graduated pressure to the leg, making it easier for blood to flow, which will in time alleviate reduce varicose veins as well as provide lasting support to the legs.

Truform Compression Sleeves:
Compression Arm Sleeves by Truform are made to relieve swelling from surgery or other trauma. Fitted with a special “Soft Top,” they are comfortable and stay in place all day, allowing for long wearabilty and comfort. Made from a lightweight material, these sleeves allow the skin to breath, while effectively relieving your swelling.

Truform Maternity Compression Stockings:
Maternity compression by Truform or support stockings and pregnancy support hose are specifically designed for the expecting mother experiencing some discomfort due to poor circulation. Truform LITES maternity compression stockings, circulations socks, and pregnancy support hose are great for hiding varicose veins, and help with the aches and pains that come along with pregnancy. Made from a sheer fabric, they are great for work or home.

Arthritis Joint Warmers:
Our Angora Joint Warmers are excellent for comforting arthritic joints, most common are the elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles. Angora wool is the lightest of all natural fibers and is seven times warmer than wool. While allowing the skin to breath, Angora fibers also warm the skin—allowing the joint to remain supported and at a constant temperature all day. This helps to relieve discomfort caused by arthritis.

Arthritis Gloves:
Our Arthritis Gloves are made to soothe arthritic pains in the fingers and hands. Made with a special material, the gloves retain heat, keeping the hands at a comfortable temperature throughout the day long helping to relieve discomfort.

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